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 Have you ever wanted to resell thrift store items on eBay but had no idea what         to do or how to begin? Or maybe you already have an eBay store, but you have questions about how to take your sales to the next level. I just came across an eBook that blew my mind!

It is now my Thrift Store Reselling Bible.

Take a look and click  —>> Right Here for the Thrift Store Reselling Bible!

Here is my review of the eBook, “The Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Reselling”.


By now, most people are already aware that thrift stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers receive thousands of donations on a daily basis. What most folks don’t realize however is that many of these donations can be worth A LOT of money on eBay…if you know what brands and items to look for! I’ve resold thrift store items on eBay before but it was mostly coffee mugs, toys, and other small items. After reading this eBook however, I discovered that there are SOOO MANY other great items with even higher profit margins to resell on eBay. Every section of the thrift store – the shoes, jeans, jackets, athletic apparel, boots, and even textbooks – is literally filled with tons valuable items that are just sitting there waiting to be found. This eBook is filled with pictures of previous eBay sales and it blew my mind when I saw some of the ending prices. I was also a little sad because I recognize some of these thrift store items from previous visits and I just walked right past them, not realizing how much they were worth. Meinard, the author of the eBook, has been thrift store reselling for nearly a decade and he’s interacted with thousands of other resellers, helping them to expand their knowledge and increase their eBay sales.

His eBook covers a wide range of topics including:

• Which Thrift Store Brands and Items You Should be Looking For and Which Ones to Avoid.

• Common Mistakes that Beginner’s Make and How to Avoid Them. • How to Resell High School and College Textbooks for a Quick Profit.

• A Beginner’s Guide to Reselling Thrift Store Nike’s and Air Jordan’s (A MUST READ!)

• All About Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren • Women’s Jeans and Shoes • And much more!

Take a look and click  —>> Right Here for the Thrift Store Reselling Bible!

It really does include so much more – it’s now over a 100 pages of content and he’s constantly updating with newer information. Plus, all future updates are free after your purchase it. Meinard obviously loves thrift store reselling and loves the world of eBay. This is a must read for anyone who already sells on eBay or is thinking of doing it.

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Like I said, the eBook is over 100-pages so there’s a lot of content that he shares and it can be a little overwhelming especially if you’re just starting out. I would recommend that you start slowly and focus on one section at a time (for example, just concentrating on women’s jeans and then moving on to the next section when you’re comfortable). It may be tempting to just jump right in but a more “slow and steady” approach would work best. Also, some of USPS shipping prices that he quotes may or may not be accurate and it all depends if you receive any discounts from eBay or Paypal. Bottom line Honestly, I’ve resold coffee mugs and other small items in the past but I’ve been looking for a way to branch out into other sections in the thrift store. Now that I have this book, I feel fully prepared to begin my adventure with thrift store reselling on eBay. Definitely one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time. Highly recommend it!

Here’s the link again: Take a look and click  —>> Right Here for the Thrift Store Reselling Bible!