What If…. Are You Ready?

What if…. Are You Ready?

     Johnathan Cahn, 'The Harbinger'

What if.... Are You Ready?

My Father used to say there is no such thing 'what if' You must be prepared and Ready for anything!

Growing up during the second world war in Europa they learned from early on that being prepared is essential in order to survive.

patriot pantry

If you've been paying attention you've heard something BIG is supposed in the near future. Many people who are informed about the current events are talking about this behind closed doors.

One of the most prominent theories is the stock market will crash...hard.

And after what we saw happen in the market over the past few weeks it's definitely a possibility.

Fact of the matter is there's a lot of weird things about Sunday the 13th.

An ultra-rare Blood Moon

Happens to be on a sacred Jewish Holiday

Exactly 7 years since the last Market Crash

Exactly 14 years since the one before that And a lot more.

 Explore the theories about what might happen, get Ready and see how you can get prepared!

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